VW Campervan

This VW Campervan arrived at our unit needing blast cleaning to the inside, outside and underneath.  The owner had stripped the vehicle down ready, so when it was transported, the doors had to be taped closed!

20141008_102940221_iOS 20141008_103048887_iOS 20141008_103050694_iOS 20141010_123436636_iOS 20141010_123455593_iOS 20141010_123506200_iOS

Here’s how the Campervan looked, once it had been blast cleaned inside, outside and underneath.  At this point, it still required a few areas cleaning – and also all of the dust cleaning off!:

20141013_110932163_iOS 1 vw campervan underseal removal vw campervan

Finally, the Campervan was given a coat of primer before being returned to its owner.

priming priming soda blasted vw campervan vw campervan