VW Beetle

The blast cleaning of this VW Beetle was requested by the owner of Muddyfields Campervans (www.muddyfields-campervans.com) – a professional restorer and supplier of VW Campervans.  We completed the work at his unit, as it was easier than transporting the car to our Bilston location.  The Beetle needed the inside, outside and underneath blast cleaning:

VW Beetle Soda Blasting VW Beetle VW Beetle Soda Blasting VW Beetle underseal

Here’s how the car looked once it had been cleaned.  The owner is currently using the Beetle in this form at a number of shows to help advertise his business!

Soda Blasted VW Beetle  Blast cleaned VW Beetle Soda Blasting VW Beetle panels soda blasted soda blasted VW Beetle      Underseal removal VW Beetle