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Blast Cleaning for Motorcycles – Behind the Scenes at SBL

Blast cleaning for motorbikes If you’re looking into options around blast cleaning for motorbikes, we can help. There’s nothing quite like getting on your motorbike and having the wind blow through your hair – under your crash helmet of course! A motorcycle ride does wonders to blow the cobwebs away and reinvigorate your love of …

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Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Blast Cleaning & Media

If you’re here, you’re probably curious about what goes into blast cleaning. Where did the concept of blast cleaning come from? When is blast cleaning generally required? What materials are used in the blast cleaning process? It’s all really quite interesting – well, we think so anyway! So let’s strip it all back to basics …

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What is Vapour Blasting / Aqua Blasting?

Vapour blasting is an essential metal cleaning and finishing process, but how does it work? What’s involved? What can a customer expect? Let’s take a look. Vapour blasting (also called aqua blasting, slurry blasting, bead blasting, or wet abrasive blasting) is a great option for those who need engine components cleaned to an impeccable standard, …

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Carb Cleaning

Highlighting the different finishes our processes can provide.  First of all, the carb was cleaned using bicarbonate of soda and then with our water/glass slurry in the vapour blaster.

Porsche 933 Turbo Cylinderhead and Camcover

We used both the vapour blasting and soda blasting processes to clean items from a Porsche 933 Turbo, you can see the difference each process makes – the soda was used as steel cannot be vapour blasted (due to rusting).            

Kawasaki Carbs

These carbs are another example of our vapour blasting work.  When they arrived at our Unit, they looked well used and dirty.  By the time they’d been vapour blasted, washed and oiled, they were almost as good as new!      

Lambretta Engine Casing

This engine casing was vapour blasted as part of a restoration process by its owner. Whilst the vapour blasting process returned  the parts to a much better condition, unfortunately they had been disused for a long time, with oil sitting on the surface.  Over time, this oil caused the surface to oxidise, the end result …

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Motorbike Wheels

These motorbike wheels were initially soda blasted, to remove the paint, and then vapour blasted, to give them a better finish.  The owner plans to re-paint them, but we think they look great as they are!   After being soda blasted:   Once vapour blasted blasted:  

Nissan Micra Cam Cover

These before and after pictures are a great example of the difference our vapour blasting process makes.  This cam cover, from a Nissan Micra, arrived looking almost beyond use, and left looking as good as new!    

Racing Quad Bike Engine

These components of an engine are from a quad bike used in UK racing.  We cleaned them using our vapour blasting process, leaving them spotless and with that satin sheen that the process is perfect for. As they arrived: And once cleaned: