Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Blast Cleaning & Media

If you’re here, you’re probably curious about what goes into blast cleaning. Where did the concept of blast cleaning come from? When is blast cleaning generally required? What materials are used in the blast cleaning process? It’s all really quite interesting – well, we think so anyway! So let’s strip it all back to basics …

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Chevy Carbs

These Chevvy Carbs were cleaned using bicarbonate of soda.  It removed years of wear and tear, dirt and grime.  We’re able to clean carbs using soda blasting, vapour blasting, or a mixture of the two methods, depending on the finish required by the owner.  

Nissan 240z

This Nissan 240z was in a very sorry state when it arrived at our premises.  Its owner has taken on the time consuming challenge of restoring it in its entirety.  We’re hoping for some updates soon, but here’s how it arrived and then left our Unit:     Once blast cleaned and primed:    

Pedal Car

This Pedal Car was in much need of a re-paint.  It’s owner dropped it off to have the old paint removed, as he was aware it would be a much quicker process than trying to sand the car down by hand!     It was certainly a first for us to work on!