paint removal

Car SOS – AC Aceca

Car SOS – AC Aceca Billed as the “most beautiful British sports car that no-one’s ever heard of” by National Geographic’s Car S.O.S., this AC Aceca arrived at our premises to have the complete exterior soda blasted.  As the shell is made of aluminium, our soda blasting technique works perfectly for this type of vehicle, as there is …

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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is often an unwanted eyesore. We can quickly and effectively remove it from buildings, such as this commercial property in the West Midlands. On this occasion, we used our recycled glass media and damped down the dust using water.      

Beams and Brickwork

Last week, we removed the paintwork from a number of wooden beams and brickwork to help freshen up a house currently being renovated locally. When we arrived, the beams were covered in black paint, and the brickwork marked with old paint. Before and After of the brickwork:   Roof Beams:           

Inlet Manifold

This ‘Time Attack’ Subaru inlet manifold had a very tough covering of black paint.  Using soda, we cleaned it away, ready for the owner to repaint it.    

Steel Face

As John Travolta once said – “I’m going to take his face … off”! Neither the owner or ourselves are 100% sure what the purpose of this face is, but it’s made from steel so we cleaned it up using soda.  The plan is to re-paint it and display it!  

Brickwork Cleaning

As part of a larger project, we removed the paint from this interior brickwork, within a house in Wolverhampton.  The white paint was well worn, once removed, the brickwork immediately looked fresher and cleaner.   Once the brickwork had been cleaned: