car restoration

Porsche 933 Turbo Cylinderhead and Camcover

We used both the vapour blasting and soda blasting processes to clean items from a Porsche 933 Turbo, you can see the difference each process makes – the soda was used as steel cannot be vapour blasted (due to rusting).            

Mazda MX-5 Gearbox

It’s easy to forget certain parts of a car when looking at the finished product, but cleaning up items you can’t see is always worth it.  We removed years of dirt and use in a short space of time, returning this MX-5 gearbox to as good a condition as when it left the factory!   …

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Jaguar E Type Rear Cradle

These components of an E Type rear cradle were cleaned using soda.  After decades of use, they were restored to their former, cleaner selves! Here’s how they arrived and then left our premises:     Once soda blasted:      

MG A Panels

These panels were blast cleaned prior to the owner having his whole vehicle cleaned.  Upon arrival, the panels looked to require a lot of work to bring them back to their original standard (bike wheels were a temporary addition!).  We were able to blast clean and paint prime each item, leaving them ready to paint! …

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Jaguar Mk II Doors

Back in June, we worked on the shell of a Jaguar Mk II.  A few weeks ago, the owner decided to bring the doors in to be soda blasted too – these were originally being left as they were but the owner had a change of heart!  Here’s the before and after photos:     …

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