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Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Blast Cleaning & Media

If you’re here, you’re probably curious about what goes into blast cleaning. Where did the concept of blast cleaning come from? When is blast cleaning generally required? What materials are used in the blast cleaning process? It’s all really quite interesting – well, we think so anyway! So let’s strip it all back to basics …

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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is often an unwanted eyesore. We can quickly and effectively remove it from buildings, such as this commercial property in the West Midlands. On this occasion, we used our recycled glass media and damped down the dust using water.      

Beams and Brickwork

Last week, we removed the paintwork from a number of wooden beams and brickwork to help freshen up a house currently being renovated locally. When we arrived, the beams were covered in black paint, and the brickwork marked with old paint. Before and After of the brickwork:   Roof Beams:           

Brick Cleaning

These pictures perfectly show how we remove paint from house bricks, using a mixture of media and water.  Surrounding the media with water dramatically reduces the amount of dust created – a much needed help in busy residential areas.