Subaru Impreza Cylinder Heads

Using the perfect mixture of air, water and abrasive media, we regularly remove years of grease and dirt from cylinder heads.  No matter the size, make or model – we can help.

As our machine is operated by hand and the cylinder head is placed on a turn table, every angle can be seen and is cleaned, ensuring no nooks and crannies are missed.  The process often leaves the cylinder head looking brand new, with the satin shine it was created with.

Once blasting work is finished, we wash the component with clean water, to remove as much glass bead as possible, and complete the process by covering it in a light coating of oil.

We would suggest rewashing your cylinder head before refitting, for peace of mind that the glass bead has been removed.

If you’re cleaning your engine, this process would efficiently and effectively return the parts to their former glory days.

Prices start from just £20.00, get in touch now for an exact costing.

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