What is Steam Cleaning?

Why choose Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning offers a truly eco-friendly and minimally-abrasive (barely at all abrasive) answer to cleaning masonry, stone and brickwork.  If you have a historical building – Grade II or otherwise – that needs external mould, mildew, pollution – and in some cases paint – removed, then steam cleaning is the answer.

The system we use is the internationally recognised Thermatech System, developed by Restorative Techniques in the UK.  These products are trusted by a number of reputable organisations, including The National Trust and English Heritage, to restore the original beauty of historic properties.

In some cases we use a specially developed softener to help both the speed of the process and its effectiveness.  This often isn’t necessary – we’d rather use our soda blasting or media blasting processes to remove tough coatings, and try to reserve steam cleaning for restoring the original beauty that’s been disguised by dirt, pollution and mould over time.

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is probably the least abrasive way to remove built up contaminants from buildings, monuments and similar external surfaces. It uses super heated, pressurised steam to remove staining from surfaces.

Steam cleaning is, obviously, a very wet process, so it can’t be used on anything that can rust (for example cars!), or indoors (as the water has nowhere to go!) – so it’s really is specifically for use on buildings.

Is there a Steam Cleaning Service Near Me?

Soda Blasting Ltd has its base in the West Midlands, making it a convenient location to travel to and from.  We regularly travel to complete work ‘on site’. The main areas we cover include:

  • West Midlands – Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Dudley, Stourbridge
  • East Midlands – Nottingham, Derby, Coventry, Leicester 
  • Cotswolds Area – Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bristol, Stroud, Bath
  • Wales – North and South

Our experience is second to none, so if you really do want the best in the industry, please get in touch here to find out if we can come to you.

What surfaces does steam cleaning work on?

Due to the nature of steam cleaning, we only use it on external brickwork, stone, sandstone and masonry.

If you are looking to restore or clean a surface and you can’t see it listed, it’s worth contacting us to see if we can help.  Alternatively, why not take a look at our other cleaning methods, which include soda blasting, media blasting and vapour blasting (sometimes known as aqua blasting)

Call us now on 0800 7747632 for more information.

Is steam cleaning a noisy process?

As a generator and compressor is used, steam cleaning is a relatively noisy process.  Operators are required to wear ear protection whilst the compressor is running and request that anyone in the immediate area do the same.

Is rusting a problem with steam cleaning?

Yes! Steam is essentially water vapour, so we will not be able to work on metal with this particular system.

Can SBL remove lead based paint from buildings?

Due to new regulations, additional care must be taken when working on any property built before 1993, as it is likely to have been painted using a lead-based paint.

Within smaller, residential properties, we will complete our own lead test to check whether lead is present.  Larger-scale building will require a lead test to be completed by a third party.

We CAN still remove paint if checks show a lead content, however additional safety measures need to be taken, all of which we can discuss with you and arrange as necessary.

Lead has proven to be a significant health risk and should not be ignored.

Where is the work completed?

We are fully mobile and can complete work through out the UK, however we tend to work within The Midlands.

What about pre and post clean up?

As steam causes no damage to the surrounding environment, very little clean up is required.  If sensitive equipment is near by or work is to be completed in a busy area, we would advice masking or tenting the item before commencing work.

If paint softener is used, additional precautions may need to be taken.  We normally protect the ground prior to beginning work, then allow the product to dry on the protective layer before gathering up and disposing of it appropriately.

How much does it cost? Are your prices fixed?

To ensure we offer you the best rates possible, we often need to complete a test patch on the surface that requires work.  As some items may need more attention than others, for example aged brickwork may have several layers of paint to remove, the price will vary accordingly.

Why choose Soda Blasting Ltd?

As a family-run business, we are proud to be friendly, reliable and efficient.  Offering the most effective range of blast cleaning solutions on the market, along with in-house and mobile services, ensures we are always able to help with your blast cleaning needs.