Softwood Beam Cleaning

Thanks to Melissa for trusting us to clean the beams in her family home in Bridgnorth!

This lovely room works as a lounge/kitchen/diner and needs to feel as spacious as possible.  The darkly painted beams were quite imposing when we arrived.  A few hours later and the beams were lightened, giving the room an immediate feeling of space and height (although it was raining outside so it wasn’t the brightest day for pictures!).  Melissa has plans to complete a full renovation on the room – including replastering and then hand painting sections of the walls with completely unique designs.

The beams throughout the room were softwood, with the exception of the feature doorway and a new beam that had been fitted where a wall had been removed to open up the kitchen.  Unforuntately, the upright beam had been coated in creosote paint, so smelt a lot when the paint was removed.  This usually fades after a day or two, but we’d advise putting some sort of clear coating over the wood to seal it (beeswax or similar).