Building Restoration

Whether you’ve taken the plunge to buy your first building restoration project, or are a seasoned builder / architect, we’re happy to help when it comes to paint removal and environmental dirt removal.  There’s a variety of reasons why SBL are just right for your building.  We utilise soda blasting and various types of media blasting  systems to ensure we can provide the blast cleaning solution that will provide you with the best results.  We will always choose the safest, most enhancing, and cost effective option.  As a result, we work on a ‘job-by-job’ basis that often requires photographs of your property sending to our team as well as a site visit.   Most kinds of stone, metal, hardwood and some softwood can be cleaned safely using blast cleaning methods – but if we don’t feel our systems are suitable for your needs, then we will tell you.

Removing old, flaking paint from internal brickwork can immediately brighten and air a room.  Add this to the lightened look of beams that have had that ‘old fashioned’ black paint removed, and the difference is staggering.  Other areas that can be blast cleaned include external brickwork and stonework, as well as floor and ceiling joists.  We’re experienced in blast cleaning all kinds of properties, including homes, heritage sites, industrial units, office blocks, schools, and older commercial buildings that are being converted into offices or apartments.

We are fully mobile, operating mainly in The Midlands, but we’re happy to travel to complete work throughout England and Wales.

Our Team Are:

  • Trained and Accredited to use Thermatech Machinery and Microstrip Machinery
  • CSCS Card Holders
  • Emergency First Aid Certified
  • Fully Insured (including £5m public liability)
  • Able to supply job specific RAMS / Method Statements upon request

If  you’re not sure whether our systems are suitable for your property, we’re more than happy to discuss the work in more detail – either call us on 01902 256690 or pop an enquiry over using our Contact Page.

External Walls / Outside Spaces

External building restoration really includes any outdoor features.  We’ve been lucky enough to work around England and Wales on a number of homes and business units – including stone cottages, Listed Buildings needing brickwork cleaned, large scale paving / patios, steel work and exterior wood (both structural and decorative).


External brick walls can actually be one of the trickiest areas to work on.  There are a variables to consider before work can get underway that aren’t an issue for other spaces – including:

  • What type of bricks you have, as some are soft faced and can be easily damaged
  • What the coating is on the wall – and why it was applied in the first place
  • Do you need ivy tendrils removed
  • What the general condition of the brickwork is – if it’s heavily weathered, there’s a chance that water has ingressed into the brick making it weak
  • What the long term plans are – leaving the brick exposed, re-pointing and painting, rendering etc

We will often need to complete a test patch on external brickwork before we can confirm the best way forward.  This is completed in an inconspicuous area on the property, and allows you to decide whether the finish we can reach is the one you had in mind.

The first step to getting help with this type of building restoration, is to send across some information via our contact page or to get in touch by telephone on 01902 256690.

steam cleaned brick house

Stonework / Other Exterior Building Materials

Stonework and Slate can often suffer from environmental pollution, plus moss or algae staining.  This can usually be removed by soda blasting or slightly more agressive medias, if the area needs a little extra help.  Terracotta, sandstone and limestone can be worked on too – we have to use our gentlest approaches in these instances, which often means working slowly and at low pressure.  Just like with brickwork, the best course of action is to complete a test patch on the area to see what finish can be achieved.

Internal Walls

The main reasons we are asked to help with internal brickwork is for paint removal or cleaning the disaster left following a fire.

Unlike exterior brickwork, the walls inside a property don’t come with the same potential ‘weathering’ issues.  Painted walls are a popular feature, but exposed brickwork looks so much better.  Whether it forms part of the popular ‘industrial look’, a ‘country farm house’ feature, or it just seems ‘right’.

There’s two options with paint removal from these bricks – the completely stripped finish, or a slightly distressed look, where little flecks of the old paint are left on the bricks – making them look more authentic.  We’re happy to discuss either option – sometimes the decision is made for you though, where paint has ingressed into the brickfaces.

Fire Damage and Smoke Damage

If you’ve experienced a fire, you’ll know that the smoke damage left behind can be awful.  Soda blasting and media blasting are two perfect processes for removing the staining and neutralising the smoke smell.   We find that blast cleaning tidies up brick, hardwoods, and stone with only minimal alteration to the surface’s prior appearance.  This work often goes hand-in-hand with oak beam cleaning, and in larger scale properties, the cleaning of steel structures or frames.

You can find out more information on this area of our expertise here.

Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings

This work includes both internal and external cleaning – both residential and commercial.

We know that choosing a cleaning system can be a big decision when working on Listed buildings – nobody wants to get it wrong!

Soda blasting generally provides our gentlest clean and works well with a number of surfaces. In fact, conservation officers frequently stipulate that we only use soda blasting for listed sites as it’s the least likely to cause damage.  Though we’ve produced great results on older properties using other blast cleaning methods, we are more than happy to collaborate with property owners and any governing bodies to come to a solution that works for everyone.  We’ll arrange a site visit to suit you, and can organise this so that conservation officers can witness the work if necessary too.

Oak Beam Restoration

Oak beam cleaning is a popular choice when completing a building restoration – and high up on the list of our favourite types of work!  If you have oak beams that have been previously painted, stained, smoke damaged, varnished or even fire or water damaged, we can hep restore them back to their beautiful condition.  We’re that passionate about oak beam cleaning that we have a section on our website devoted to it.  Take a look here to read more on the service we offer.

If you’d like to see the different types of projects that we’ve completed, or you’re just not sure whether the ‘blast cleaning’ option is right for you, take a look at our Blog for previous examples of our work. You can find further examples of our work here.