Passionate Paint Removal and Component Cleaning Specialists

Many restoration projects start with a lot of planning and budgeting. Let us fit into your plans by offering a highly flexible and professional blast cleaning service.

It’s extremely important to us that the finish of your cherished items is superb. We therefore often use a combination of methods for our restoration processes.

These methods include Soda Blasting, which essentially uses bicarbonate of soda and compressed air to remove paint and other contaminants from a surface.

Media Blasting, uses finely crushed glass to remove paint, rust, filler and underseal.  It’s usually the best choice when items are being re-painted following cleaning work.

The third method we use is Vapour Blasting, which is also known as aqua blasting. This method uses water and crushed glass that is mixed together to form a slurry, which cleans surfaces using compressed air.

Rust Removal Specialists

Rust is often known as a metals worst nightmare. Soda Blasting Ltd have the necessary tools and equipment to remove every last bit of rust from any material.

Paint Removal Specialists

Over time, paint can become worn, torn and down-right ugly. However, before repainting your car, building or boat, you need to remove the old ‘stuff’ first.

Our blasting services will help you obtain the perfect surface for repainting your cherished goods.

Cleaning & Removal of other contaminants

We don’t just stop at paint or rust. Our methods of blast cleaning allow us to clean your metals and surfaces on just about anything.

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