What We Do

What can we help you with?

Years of experience has taught our team that you simply can’t be involved in everything and still expect to be the best at it. So, a few years ago, we streamlined.  We only work on what we’re best at – as there’s no point wasting our time, or more importantly, yours.

Classic Cars and Motorbikes

Our experience in automotive blast cleaning really is second to none.  We’ve featured multiple times on TV shows, including National Geographic’s Car S.O.S and Wheeler Dealers, and have worked on some truly exceptional projects both on and off screen.  Just a few examples of our work can be found within our blog – including the iconic Jaguar XK120 Pininfarina, the infamous HWM Jaguar XK L6, and a long list of heritage sports and classic cars.  The list of motorbikes we’ve worked on grows daily, and includes frames and engine components from classic and modern Triumph, Harley Davidson, and Kawasaki to name a few.

We use soda blasting, media blasting and vapour blasting to achieve fantastic results on all types of automotive material, including steel, fibreglass, aluminium, and elm wood.

Buildings, Brickwork and Beams

Covering the majority of England and Wales, we are incredibly proud to have helped numerous businesses and privateers with their large scale and smaller property restoration aspirations.  Examples of our work can be found on our Facebook Page and include Grade II Listed Buildings, internal and external fire damage, and oak beam cleaning.

Our team are CSCS card holders, Health and Safety certified, and appropriately accredited for operating all of our machines.


We don’t shout about this side of the business anywhere near as much as we should.  From day one, we’ve cleaned a huge array of engineering components for both large and small industry leaders. Whether work is completed at your facility or ours depends upon what you have, and what you need.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for help with the following items, we aren’t the right company for you:
  • Large vehicles – 7.5t and over
  • Trailor Units
  • Any form of vehicle that’s in a road worthy condition (we’ll only work with ‘stripped down’ vehicles)
  • Antique / Household Furniture
  • Garden Furniture
  • Boats – including canal boats and yachts

Why choose us to help with your project?

We know that our blast cleaning services are not the only contaminent stripping systems on the market.  We also know it can be tricky to navigate which processes are best for you to choose.  Afterall, you only get one chance and you don’t want to regret a hasty decision.

You need a safe, effective, and high quality service, and we truly believe that the services offered by SBL are, quite simply, the best options out there.  We’ve spent years perfecting our systems, testing various methods and machines to find out what works and where.  We’re evolving everyday to refine our systems further and stay ahead of the competition.

Is there a blast cleaning service near me?

Soda Blasting Ltd has its base in the West Midlands, making it a convenient location to travel to and from. We ask that items are brought to our premises when possible.  We regularly travel to complete work ‘on site’. The main areas we cover include

  • West Midlands – Wolverhampton, Birmingham
  • East Midlands – Nottingham, Derby, Coventry, Leicester 
  • Cotswolds Area – Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bristol, Stroud, Bath
  • Wales – North and South

Please note that vapour blasting and its associated processes are not mobile

If you really do want the best in the industry, please get in touch here to find out if we can come to you.