Saab 900 Engine Bay: Restoration & Paint stripping Service

Saab 900

Soda and media blasting are great to clean a full shell (or panel), but they can also be used to work on certain areas.  The beauty of what we do, is that we can focus on a particular section of a car – on this occasion, it was the engine bay of this Saab 900.  We used crushed glass to clean the area, as it was rusty and in need of a process that left the areas prepped for paint.

Unlike soda, glass can be reused (we use it once and dispose of it as we don’t like the finish reused glass provides).  But this does mean that glass can ‘bounce’ onto other areas of the car, potentially chipping the paint.  This wasn’t a concern with the Saab, but it is worth noting if you’re considering just having only certain areas of your vehicle cleaned.  We generally use glass to remove filler, rust and underseal (and paint where tougher steel has been used).

Please note that we do not clean the undersides of vehicles unless the complete exterior needs to be cleaned too.  All interior and running gear must also be removed to make this process possible.


IMAG3369 saab 900 engine bay


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