Removing paint as part of a MkII Ford Escort Restoration

Ford Escort Mark II

The second generation Escort was produced from 1974 to 1981.  They’re a much loved member of the Ford Escort family, with a squarer body style that distinguishes the car apart from it’s Mark I predecessor.  Escorts have proved popular throughout the world – with many recent restorations beginning with the classic being imported from countries including Australia, South Africa and Israel.

Ford Escort is an increasingly popular restoration choice, with a variety to choose from.  We have seen several examples visit us – including the Mark I, Mark II and Mark III – all with similar issues concerning rot in the wheel arches etc.

Mark’s Ford Escort

Ford Escort Ford Escort shell

Ford Escprt roof Ford Escort restoration

One of our recent blast cleaning jobs was to clean this fantastic Mark II Escort, that has been with the same owner for 16 years.  Unfortunately, during this time, the car had to be stored outside, so suffered at the hands of the elements (good old British weather, eh!).  As a result of this, Mark decided to strip shell and panels right back to the bare metal, and completely rebuild the car from the ground up.  He’s hoping his Escort will make a rally car once work is finished – and we can’t wait to see it!

He asked us to clean the inside, outside and underside of his Escort.

Ford Escort interior Ford Escort rear interior

Ford Escort Internal roof Ford Escort engine bay

Due to the overall condition of the car, we used our crushed glass  system to clean the rust and remaining paintwork away.

Ford Escort MkII Filler

As is quite normal, we found some filler on the car, which was recorded before being removed:

Ford Escort filler Ford Escort roof damage

Ford Escort door filler Ford Escort filler

Ford Escort Paint Removed – Bare Shell

Ford Escort restoration Ford Escort paint removal

Ford Escort MkII Ford Escort MkII restoration

Ford Escort restoration Ford Escort MkII engine bay

Ford Escort underside Ford Escort interior stripped

If you have a Ford Escort restoration, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Further to the blast cleaning process, we also offer a collection service, paint priming, and component cleaning.  We’d be thrilled to help with your restoration!