Removing paint from a Ford Capri

Ford Capri

A European legend of the 70’s and 80’s.  In terms of looks, the Ford Capri definitely lived up to its creators’ expectations.  Hopes were to create the same level of success within Europe that Ford had experienced in America with their Mustang.  Not to mention, a rival to the Lotus Cortina.  The Capri proved popular from the get-go, with 400,000 models sold within the first two years of release.  The beautiful fastback coupe was designed to be affordable to the masses.  Over time, a variety of engines were utilised with several updates to the original Capri.

The Capri has been a firm favourite for many car enthusiasts since it’s initial reveal in 1969.  Just a quick Google search throws up countless places Capris have been used.   – with pages and pages of films cementing the Ford’s success in history.

This particular example was initially stripped using a different paint removal to our systems.  Unfortunately, the shell was placed back into storage where it rusted and reacted with the stripping agent.  We used our crushed glass media to return the shell to completely bare metal, ready for the newly appointed restoration company to being work.

Ford Capri Rust

This particular example arrived at our premises needing layers of rust removing as well as underseal and a little paint.  The restoration company working on this classic car as ked us to clean the complete shell – inside, out side and underneath – to ensure they could start the task of rebuilding work from the best place possible.

Ford Capri restoration project Ford capri shell restoration

Acid dipped Ford Capri Acid dipped Capri

Capri interior shell Ford Capri interior shell

Ford Capri Shot Blasted

Here’s the Capri once we’d used our crushed glass media to blast clean it.  Media blasting is often referred to as shot blasting, however it does not use ball bearings like normal shot blasting.  Exposing the shell provides a much better starting point to work on a nut and bolt restoration.  For ourselves, work was a little less than usual, as we did not need to remove the top layers of paint – only primer and rust.  Now that the shell has been blast cleaned, the customer doesn’t need to worry about any product leeching through paintwork, or issues when applying primer.

You can find more information on our crushed glass media system – here.

Ford Capri shell Shot blasted Ford Capri

Blast cleaned Ford Capri Ford Capri paint stripped

Ford capri interior Ford Capri blast cleaned