Pitts S1 Light Aircraft

Aircraft fuselage soda blasting

We’re lucky to work on a wide variety of interesting and unusual items, and this light aircraft certainly added to the growing list.  Brought to us by a father and son team, who are building a Pitts S1 from scratch with their own specialised modifications, we were tasked with cleaning the steel fuselage and then painting with aero-grade etch primer.

20150422_082532038_iOS 20150422_082536590_iOS

20150422_082611135_iOS 20150422_082616988_iOS

Unfortunately our overzealous painter had already applied the primer before we had chance to photographed the soda blasted fuselage.  These items will make up the tail and undercarriage, and show the finished effect of the blast cleaning:

20150422_155414247_iOS 20150422_155417285_iOS

Here’s the aircraft being primed:

20150422_142918619_iOS 20150422_142922959_iOS

20150422_144106063_iOS 20150422_144112361_iOS

20150422_144104003_iOS 20150422_162351530_iOS

20150422_155422549_iOS           20150422_162408859_iOS

We wish the guys the best of luck with this 4-5 year project, and can’t wait to see the finished aircraft!