Paint removal from a BMW E30 M3 – Driftworks E30

BMW E30 M3

BMW is a popular manufacturer amongst the SBL staff.  Not least, the E30 model, with M3 at the top of that list.  They are, undeniably, a lovely car, and are being snapped up by restorers and enthusiasts alike.  It may not come as a surprise that the Driftworks team couldn’t resist getting the Driftworks E30 cleaned up and onto track!

Driftworks E30

One of our returning customers, Phil Morrison of Driftworks, asked us to clean his E30 M3.  The car is set to be the replacement track car for the retiring 997 GT3 Phil has used for the past few years.  The ‘Hulk’ green the BMW arrived covered in, needed to be removed ASAP.  If for no other reason than it was giving the guys at Driftworks’ HQ a headache!  For this particular car, we cleaned the inside, out side and underside of the shell,  plus the rollcage that was already fixed into place.  You can find out more about our cleaning processes here.

The car proved a bit of a challenge as that green seemed to keep sneaking back into sight everytime we thought we’d finished work! Eventually, after 3 or 4 re-cleans of certain sections, the grey of the exposed steel finally won.  Within no time at all, the M3 was returned to Driftworks, who promptly completed the bodywork and turned the car blue!

Driftworks BMW E30 M3 

bmw e30 m3 DW E30 M3

driftworks e30 E30 M3 Driftworks

You can keep up to date with the Driftworks E30 via their YouTube page