Mk1 Escort 1300gt Car Restoration Project

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Here at Soda Blasting Ltd, we have had the pleasure of working on many Ford Escort projects in order to restore them to back to their very best. Do you have a Ford that you want to get back in to top shape? Give us a call on 0800 774 7632.


Case study: The Restoration Project in full view

This Mk1 Ford Escort arrived at our unit after being stood for several years.  it was heavily rotted and fairly rusty all over.  Initially, James and Dave needed to fit the vehicle to our rotisserie – a difficult job as the chassis was so fragile.


Images before the restoration work started


Front & Side panels of the Ford Escort

Bonnet of MK1 Escort 1300gt to be restored Front of MK1 escort restoration Ford Escort Side Panel to be restored


Side panels of the Ford Escort to be restored

Mk1 Escort Suspension restoration MK 1 Ford Escort rusty frame restoration  Mk 1 Ford Escort Car Restoration Project


Underneath the Escort prior to paint removal (on the rotisserie)


Underseal removal on Ford Escort Restoration Mk1 Ford Escort 1300gt


Images after the restoration & paint removal work

Once the Escort was secured to our rotisserie, it was moved to the blast room so that work could commence! This is how the chassis looked after it had been soda blasted:

Panels were soda blasted clean

Soda blasted Ford Escort Blast cleaned Mk1 Ford Escort Soda Blasted Ford Escort Soda blasted ford escort

Finally, a coat of primer was aded to the car, and it was ready to be returned to it’s owner for painting and re-building!

Ford Escort Primed Ford Escort Mk1 Ford Escort 1300gt Ford Escort