Mk1 Austin-Healey Sprite

We recently took delivery of this Healey Sprite, from local business ‘Westgate Classics’.  This Sprite was imported from California and Westgate Classics asked to fully restore the shell.  They decided to arrange for the car to be soda blasted, as it was the fastest, safest, and most reliable way to strip the old paint away. …

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Weighing Machines

These parts from weight machines are used within the food industry.  As part of on-going cleaning, the company needed the parts cleaning and sanitising – the perfect job for bicarbonate of soda.  Despite taking up most of our Unit’s floor space, the items were delivered and returned within two days!  

Willy’s Jeep MB

Willy’s Jeeps were mass produced for the United States’ Army during the Second World War.  There were over 359,000 produced between 1941 and 1945, however they averaged just 40 hours of service life, meaning that few remain in existence today.  This survivor was produced in 1942, it’s owner plans to leave the vehicle as it …

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Ford Focus RS Wheels

These wheels were vapour blasted to prepare them for powder coating.  Here they are on our custom built wheel stand and then with two cleaned, compared to how they arrived:

Jaguar Mark II

The owner of this Jaguar Mark II is in the process of fully restoring the car to its former glory with all of its original features.  Removing the paint took some time as some of the chassis was heavily rotted, however the Jag left us ready to receive a bright, new paint covering.  Here’s how …

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Welsh Dresser

*** Please note that we are currently unable to offer this service.  Due to the high air pressure used when blast cleaning, pitting/denting wood – with the exception of oak – is almost unavoidable.  As the finish provided is not one we would be content with on our own belongings, we have taken the decision …

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Office Renovation

Following work we previously completed in line with renovation plans at a shopping centre, we were asked to return to clean and remove paintwork from offices, located on the third floor above the shops.  This meant completing the work after the shops had closed and the office workers had left for the day, which made …

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Jaguar E Type

Another day, another E Type Jaguar … not that we’re complaining!  This particular E Type is a V12 and had been made to meet racing specifications.  The owner is in the process of re-kindling its former glory, and we were asked to remove the aged, white paint.  As it arrived: Once work was completed, we …

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Bentley Continental GT

These front wings were removed from a fire damaged Bentley Continental GT.  The owner wanted them cleaned to see if they were re-usable.  Here they are upon arrival – Once we’d soda blasted them, they looked 100 times better and were ready to be primed and painted!  

VW Campervan

This VW Campervan’s bodywork is being left almost in it’s current condition – giving it a ‘Rat-Look’ effect.  The owner needed the underside of the Camper blast cleaning so that he could check it’s condition. The van fitted quite neatly into our blast room, but with the rotisserie it arrived on, was a little bit …

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