Kerbstone Cleaning

Are dirty, unsightly, bitumen coated kerbstones ruining the overall finish of a road way?
We can fix that.

When working on roadways, kerbstones can often be neglected.  Accidentally overspraying bitumen is easy to do, but it ruins the visual finish of a newly completed road – often causing immediate issues, or problems at site handover.

Our blast cleaning processes remove a variety of substrates from kerbstones.  Most often we help with bond coat bitumen removal, as this is difficult to remove (prior to our help, many of our customers have not had a system to remove this) – but we are also able to effectively clean away dirt and surface marks.

We offer both complete site or specifically targetted area cleaning – so can clean an entire road to a uniform standard, on can concentrate on kerbstones that show obvious marks.

What is blast cleaning –

We use compressed air and media to clean surfaces.  This effective process will not damage stonework, tarmac, footpaths, metalwork etc.  It removes the surface coating, without breaking the surface tension of the item – so cleans away a coating (be that paint, bitumen, dirt or otherwise) but won’t ‘dig in’ to the surface of what it is cleaning.

Our products are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.  They’re water soluble too, making them the perfect solution outdoors.  We can complete work using media alone, or can shroud the nozzle in water, which has two uses.  Firstly, it dampens dust right down – this is absolutely necessary in residential areas (so that our product does not blow over vehicles, homes etc) and secondly, it helps to wash the residue away.

Following work, we can further wash the cleaned surfaces down to remove this residue – or it can be left to naturally dissolve with rain water.

A bit about ourselves –

SBL began in 2013, offering a variety of cleaning services to different sectors.  It very quickly became apparent that blast cleaning was desperately needed to help complete sites where dirt and grime was a daily issue.  Since spending a day on site in 2014, at a large vehicle manufacturers in Birmingham, we have perfected our processes to effectively and quickly clean large sections of kerbs by hand.    Back in 2014, it was a resin bonded car park that needed work, but since then we have visited multiple sites across the country including airports, city centres, residential areas, and new builds.

  • Operating as a small team, we are able to achieve and maintain the highest standards
  • Based in the West Midlands, we cover much of England and Wales
  • Trusted by a variety of leaders in road spraying
  • All staff are CSCS Card Holders and First Aid Trained
  • Fully insured
  • Chapter 8 vehicles and correct PPE / HiVis Clothing used
  • RAMS provided on request

For help with tac coat overspray removal, please get in touch with us today at

An example of kerbstone cleaning within a new housing development.

Kerbstones awaiting removal of bitumen.

Kerbstones once cleaned – showing spent media.  This can be left to dissolve with rain water, or washed away by our operatives.