Jaguar XK150

A well recognised car in the classic world – although there’s been some dispute over whether this particular vehicle is an XK150 or an XK140! The XK’s are much loved by many drivers of classic vehicles, becoming increasingly popular in the shadow of their 1960’s replacement – the E Type.

This particular XK is currently being restored by a Jaguar specialist, who asked us the remove the paint from the inside and outside of the entire car, plus clean the chassis. Upon arrival, here’s how the car looked:

jag xk xk 1xk2 xk3xk11 xk6xk9 xk10xk5 xk12

And once the vehicle – which was made up of both steel and aluminium sections – had been soda blasted:

xk15 xk16xk17 xk19

This Jaguar has now been returned to the bodyshop, for fabrication work, followed by paintwork, and a complete re-build!