Jaguar XK L6 – VPA9 – Motorsport Car Paint Removal

Jaguar XK L6

The second in a series of vehicles worked on for Valley Motorsport in Wrexham, is this much covetted Jaguar XK L6.  We’ve also worked on this Ford Cortina for the same company.

This XK is particularly special as it is a Hersham and Walton Motors creation.  HWM were the first proper marque to create a Jaguar-engined sports racing car.  They became a popular racing name during the 1950’s with cars entering Formula 1 and Formula 2 series, amongst others.

VPA9 was one of three cars built by HWM during the Summer of 1953, sitting along side the famous HWM1 and XPA748.  VPA9 was driven by Tony Gaze at a number of races throughout the world.  It won races including the National Crystal Palace and Moomba TT.

The car is now undergoing a complete nut and bolt restoration at Valley Motorsport Ltd.  Based in Wrexham, Nigel Morris – a leader within Historic Motorsport for over ten years – is leading the restoration.

The iconic Jaguar XK  L6 came to us needing the shell paintwork removed from the inside and outside.  The work meant that Nigel and his team could press on with other areas of the restoration without having to spend time worrying about how to strip away the paintwork.

As ever, this racing car had plenty of filler covering it, hiding many stories of its racing career!  We’re hoping to see VPA9 rivalling its famous brother XPA748, who is already a regular attendee and podium finisher at Goodwood Revival.

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How the VPA looked on arrival:

VPA9 VPA9 restoration

VPA9 racing car paint removal

classic car paint stripping Jaguar XK L9

Once the paint had been removed to expose filler:

Jaguar XK VPA9 VPA9 filler

jaguar xk jaguar xk paint removal

The completely paint stripped Jaguar XK:

xk soda blasting

jaguar xk soda blasted jaguar xk l9