Jaguar E-Type

The owner of this E Type believed that the shell was in very good condition.  He wanted the paint removing, so that he could have the car resprayed.  As the paint was removed, it exposed more and more filler, showing that the shell must have suffered damage in the past.  The owner decided not to have the filler removed on this occasion (it would not have been worth while to remove and replace), so we were able to blast clean and then prime the shell.

20150310_131919321_iOS 20150310_131929707_iOS

20150310_131937328_iOS 20150310_131946523_iOS

20150310_131952415_iOS 20150310_132003119_iOS

Once cleaned:

20150310_150817323_iOS 20150310_150825585_iOS

20150310_150830999_iOS 20150310_171432551_iOS

20150310_171438720_iOS 20150310_171444841_iOS

20150310_171455525_iOS 20150310_171511806_iOS


Once the car had been primed:

20150316_095853241_iOS 20150316_095903991_iOS

20150316_095918078_iOS 20150316_095925862_iOS

20150316_095947597_iOS 20150316_100002855_iOS