BTCC – British Touring Car Championship Paint Removal

British Touring Car Championship – BTCC Cars

Nobody can deny that the BTCC is an amazing, action packed racing Championship.  But, once the season finishes in October, there’s no let up for the teams of people involved.  Almost immediately. work begins to completely overhaul the competition race cars, with plenty of updates and changes to everything.  As part of the process, vehicles are rebranded with updated sponsorship details and team colours.

As with any good renovation, the process begins with finding a system that will quickly and effectively strip the shells and panels of paint, without causing any damage.  This is especially important as the intricate rollcages found in all Touring Cars cannot risk, in anyway, being weakened.

Soda Blasting

Since 2015, we’ve been stripping away the coatings from these cars using bicarbonate of soda and (if necessary) crushed glass media.  We utilise our gentlest cleaning methods to ensure none of the bodywork is damaged, particularly important if aluminium or carbon fibre is present.

Further to this, our blast cleaning services will not damage weld points.  We actually expose weld points for companies completing stress tests on structures, so can not afford to be the cause of the weakness.  In terms of British Touring Cars, it means that stripping the paint does not run the risk of ruining hundreds of hours work spent meticulously fitting roll cages.

Eurotech Racing

Long standing veterans of BTCC, Eurotech Racing, continue to go from strength to strength under the guidance of Team Principal Jeff Smith.

In 2017, Eurotech asked SBL to strip both of their Honda Civic Type R’s as part of the upgrades leading into 2018.  We were pleased to help clean the shells and rollcages ready for the new Wix Racing colours.  These cars are, of course, currently driven by Brett Smith and Jack Goff.

Honda Civic on arrival

Completed Honda Civic

Team Dextra Racing

You might recognise this Ford Focus ST from the 2015, 2016 and 2017 seasons. It was driven by Alex Martin of Team Dextra Racing, and came to us toward the end of 2015 to be completely stripped ready for new season colours and livery.

The guys behind Team Dextra, Team Parker Racing, definitely keep busy, they’ve since moved into Porsche Carrera Cup Racing, along side ‘track days, drift days, slalom days.’ to name but a few of their offerings.

The yellow and silver paints were stripepd form the car to allow work to take place checking the intergrity of the shell.  It was re-painted a deeper yellow and looked fantastic out on track.

Ford Focus ST on arrival

IMAG1812 IMAG1816

IMAG1817 IMAG1813

Ford Focus ST completely stripped