Ford Cortina Classic Car Restoration

Ford Cortina paint removal

This Ford Cortina has been hiding away in Valley Motorsport’s facility in Wrexham.  They are the same company that brought us the prestigious Jaguar XK L9 and didn’t disappoint with their second delivery – this much loved 1960’s classic Ford.

The Cortina looked to be in really good condition when it arrived.  Most vehicles we see with rollcages tend to have, unsurprisingly, rather a lot of filler! But, even once stripped of all paint, this was one of the cleaner shells we have seen through the doors recently.  It’s now back at Valley Motorsport HQ have extensive restoration works completed.

We used mainly our soda blasting paint removal technique on this particular shell, ensuring every surface was completedly stripped of paint and filler.  Where rust and filler was found, we utilised our media blasting system to get the best results.  We didn’t paint prime this shell, as welding and bodywork was due to begin straight away.

Here’s how the Ford Cortina looked upon arrival:

Ford Cortina Ford Cortina paint removal

Ford Cortina restoration Valley Motorsport Ford Cortina

Ford Cortina paint stripping Ford Cortina rear bumper

Ford Cortina rollcage Ford Cortina inside

Once the paint and filler had been removed from the Ford Cortina:

Paint stripped Ford Cortina soda blasted Ford Cortina

Shot blasted Ford Cortina Sand blasted Ford Cortina

Media Blasted Ford Cortina Blast Cleaned Ford Cortina

You can keep up to date with the guys at Valley Motorsport, by visiting their website