Brickwork cleaning following fire damage

Brickwork cleaning following a fire

Building fires leave behind peeling paint, smoke damage, and dirt.  This can all be quickly and effectively removed using our cleaning systems.

One such example of this is this large industrial unit that had suffered a devastating fire. Extensive smoke and fire damage left just the building walls standing.  The roof and internal sections of the building were destroyed, however the walls remained intact, but in desperate need of cleaning.

On this occasion, we used our soda blasting system to clean each brick, stripping away the remenants of the old paintwork.

Upon arrival, the walls were a mixture of peeling paint and smoke damage:

fire damagefire damageblast cleaningfire damage cleaning

Smoke and fire damage cleaned away:

The vast improvement upon completion is obvious (you can see how much it snowed too whilst we worked by how wet the floor became)! The building is now ready for that much needed roof to be fitted!

soda blastingbrickwork cleaningbrickwork blast cleaningblast cleaned wall

If you’re looking for help cleaning commerical or private properties following a fire, contact us today on 0800 774 7632.