Fiat 500 paint stripping with crushed glass and soda

Fiat 500 Paint Removal

The classic Fiat 500 is arguably the most loved ‘City Car’ of all time.  This extra small car was originally designed simply to be a budget friendly, practical car for city dwellers. It proved phenonimally popular throughout Europe with over 3.89 million units rolling off the production line between 1957 and 1975.

Since production ceased, the dinky Fiat has taken on classic car status winning the hearts of many car enthusiasts. Despite high production numbers, the original Fiat 500 are becoming more and more difficult to find.  We felt exceptionally lucky to be able to help with this restoration.  Fingers crossed that it isn’t the last time we see this pint-size classic.

Katie’s Restoration

This Fiat 500 shell really needed both our soda blasting and media blasting processes to strip it back completely to bare metal.  Plenty of filler work – particularly across the front of the car – required crushed glass to expose the bare shell.  The paint covering the panels was cleaned away using bicarbonate of soda to ensure heat distortion and pitting were not possible.

We like to use both processes where possible to ensure the best finishes.  Rust, filler and underseal are simply too tough for soda to clean away.  Crushed glass is definitely the best alternative media to utilise where these coatings need to be removed.

The car stayed at our premises for a full week allowing us plenty of time to complete work.  We needed to strip the inside, outside and underside.  Usually, it takes just 2 days to completely clean this size car, but a week long stay worked best for the owner.

Following work, the owner of this particular 500, Katie, told us:

“The process is really suited to the Fiat 500 with its thin body panels so I’m very happy with the work. In terms of recommending the company I’ll speak very highly of everyone I met at SBL.”

Here’s the Fiat 500 upon arrival:

classic Fiat 500 Fiat 500 shell

classic car Fiat 500 fiat 500 paint removal

Fiat 500 classic car Fiat 500 roof

Exposing the filler underneath the Fiat’s paint:

classic Fiat 500 paint removal fiat 500 filler

fiat 500 blast cleaning shot blasting fiat 500

fiat 500 blast cleaning interior car paint stripping

The paint, filler and rust removed from this classic:

media blasted fiat 500 media blasting fiat 500

paint stripping fiat 500 blast cleaning fiat 500