Who Driftworks used to strip their AE86 to a bare shell

Driftworks Toyota AE86

Since working on the DW86, we’ve also helped with Phil’s BMW E30 M3 – more info can be found here!

Phil Morrison’s Driftworks AE86 has been rebuilt built for competition drifting.  It is possibly the most recognisable Corolla that we have stripped to date.  This 1980’s Japenese lightweight rearwheel drive is rapidly becoming an easily recognisable classic – hugely thanks to competition drift amongst other motorsport.  In this instance, the Driftworks Team completely overhauled their AE86, fitting a V8 engine amongst many other modifications (which they’ve changed and upgraded several times since!).  A big part of this process included the removal of years of paint, dirt, and wear and tear to make way for that familiar orange Driftworks paint scheme.

This is how the car looked when it arrived at our facility.  It was immediately prepared for Soda Blasted after many, many hours of fabrication and welding work had already taken place:

driftworks ae86driftworks ae86 project car

Once we had completed the blast cleaning process, the Driftworks AE86 shell was washed to remove soda residue.  This is often the easiest way to prepare shells for priming once they’ve been soda blasted.  Bicarbonate of soda leaves a thin layer of dust that protects the exposed surface that has been worked on, however it must be removed prior to painting.  This is not the case with crushed glass, which is blown off following work.  Where soda and glass is used, we do not wash vehicles.  In this instance, they are blown out, swept and hoovered (which is also very effective!!).

soda blasted toyota ae86soda blasting

Phil Morrison, owner of Driftworks Ltd, and the Driftworks AE86, commented

The soda blasting team turned around the prep on our latest competition car shell very quickly. The shell had had months of metal fabrication done and is nearly 28 years old so was a bit of a challenge, but they took it in their stride.  We couldn’t be happier with the service.

You can read more about the car here:


driftworks ae86driftworks ae86

The team at Driftworks have now put together a step by step walk through video of exactly what went into creating their world famous ‘DW86’.  The video includes information about both the initial strip down as well as the extrodinary task of rebuilding the driftcar to the one we recognise today! Definitely worth a watch if you have chance!