Dinghy Restoration Project for Sailing

Tom White recently decided to fully restore a boat purchased by his father several years ago.  The dinghy has been used regularly by both Tom and his father for many hours of sailing, even helping them to take part in, and win, a number of competitions.  Not only is Tom restoring this family heirloom, but he is also currently attempting to gain a place in the Sailing World Championships, for which we wish him the best of luck!

The dinghy needed the inside blast cleaning to prepare it for a fibreglass re-build – work we were able to complete within just one day.  Here’s the boat as it arrived and once cleaned:


Dinghy Restoration as a service

When your boat restoration project is focused around the dinghy of a sailing boat, you can be sure that Soda Blasting Ltd have the tools and experience to give you the finish you need – both inside and out.