Nissan Micra Cam Cover

These before and after pictures are a great example of the difference our vapour blasting process makes.  This cam cover, from a Nissan Micra, arrived looking almost beyond use, and left looking as good as new!    

Alfa Romeo GT

After seeing the work we recently completed on an Alfa Romeo Stepnose (see here!) , the owner of this GT decided to have the paint stripped as part of his restoration process.  It just happened to be another red Alfa, but we don’t mind! The dashboard is tapped up, as the owner hadn’t completely stripped the …

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Morris Minor

This Morris Minor arrived at our unit in two halves – unfortunately we only have pictures of the work completed to the cab and not the bed.  As it arrived, here is the front of the car:     Once the shell had been blast cleaned:     And finally, we primed the car to ensure …

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Lanchester Leda

Another unusual car was recently delivered to us to completely blast clean.  The owner likened it to a London Black Cab when first describing it.  This Lanchester Leda is being completely restored, and needed the old paint/rust stripping away, and then a protective coat of Primer adding.  Here’s the car as it arrived:      …

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Ferrari 308

This shell arrived at our premises and kept all of the neighbours (and our Facebook followers) guessing what it was.  The owner is actually creating a replica Ferrari 308 that he plans to recreate as accurately as possible to the original rallying specification. Here’s the frame as it arrived:      And once the blast cleaning …

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Lamp Post

The owner of this lamp post simply wanted it cleaning up to improve the look of their driveway.  Blast cleaning it made the world of difference! Here’s the before photographs:   And once cleaned:  

Honda 50cc Engine

This Honda 50cc moped engine was soda blast cleaned as part of a restoration project.  The end result leaves the engine looking almost new! Here’s the photos of the engine when it arrived:   And once it had been blast cleaned:  

Iveco Flatbed

The owner of this flatbed wanted the bed and HIAB blast cleaning.  The majority of work was completed using glass media, however the HIAB itself had to be cleaned using soda, in order to protect the chrome and hydraulic rams. Unfortunately, by the time work was finished, it had gone dark – but here’s a …

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Fat Bugs!

The use of fat bugs is quite simple – they roll a pattern onto newly laid driveways/patios etc.  Due to this, they can become dirty very quickly.  We are able to clean all of the residue from them, quickly and effectively, returning them to their original state!  As you can see, they are quite intricate, …

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1971 Citroen DS

This Citroen DS is currently undergoing a complete restoration.  The owner, Hazi, is an avid fan of the DS and searched for a long time to find the right one.  You can read about the history of the car (which incidentally began life in Kenya and wasn’t imported into the UK until 2010!) and keep …

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Austin Atlantic

We’ve recently had another famous figure visit our unit. This time, the lucky owner of a very rare Austin Atlantic convertible asked us to help with his restoration process.  The owner, David Whyley, is in the process of writing an article on the work he has completed to date, which is due to be published …

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Mk1 Austin-Healey Sprite

We recently took delivery of this Healey Sprite, from local business ‘Westgate Classics’.  This Sprite was imported from California and Westgate Classics asked to fully restore the shell.  They decided to arrange for the car to be soda blasted, as it was the fastest, safest, and most reliable way to strip the old paint away. …

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