Removing paint from the iconic Jaguar XK120 Pininfarina

1954 Jaguar XK120 Pininfarina The beautiful Jaguar XK120 was released in 1948, 8 years after the ellusive SS100 sportscar ceased production.  The original XK120s were built with ash wooden frames and aluminium panels.  They are ultra rare, but, some examples can still be found today.  The ‘120’ in the XK’s name refers to the top …

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Jaguar E Type

Jaguar E Type The beautifully recognisable Jaguar E Type was recently voted greatest British car in history.  Having worked on around 60 to date, we can completely understand the love affair so many owners have with them. This particular example arrived at our unit in September, with plans to have the restoration completed by the …

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Jaguar XK150

A well recognised car in the classic world – although there’s been some dispute over whether this particular vehicle is an XK150 or an XK140! The XK’s are much loved by many drivers of classic vehicles, becoming increasingly popular in the shadow of their 1960’s replacement – the E Type. This particular XK is currently …

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Jaguar E-Type

The owner of this E Type believed that the shell was in very good condition.  He wanted the paint removing, so that he could have the car resprayed.  As the paint was removed, it exposed more and more filler, showing that the shell must have suffered damage in the past.  The owner decided not to …

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Jaguar E Type Rear Cradle

These components of an E Type rear cradle were cleaned using soda.  After decades of use, they were restored to their former, cleaner selves! Here’s how they arrived and then left our premises:     Once soda blasted:      

Jaguar Mk II Doors

Back in June, we worked on the shell of a Jaguar Mk II.  A few weeks ago, the owner decided to bring the doors in to be soda blasted too – these were originally being left as they were but the owner had a change of heart!  Here’s the before and after photos:     …

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Jaguar Mark II

The owner of this Jaguar Mark II is in the process of fully restoring the car to its former glory with all of its original features.  Removing the paint took some time as some of the chassis was heavily rotted, however the Jag left us ready to receive a bright, new paint covering.  Here’s how …

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Jaguar E Type

Another day, another E Type Jaguar … not that we’re complaining!  This particular E Type is a V12 and had been made to meet racing specifications.  The owner is in the process of re-kindling its former glory, and we were asked to remove the aged, white paint.  As it arrived: Once work was completed, we …

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Jaguar E Type

This week has seen the beginning of another classic car restoration.  This time, we’ve removed the tired paint work from this E Type Jaguar. The owner plans to re-paint and re-build the car to its former glory and we can’t wait to see the finished result!