Car Parts

Napier SU Carbs

These SU carbs were vapour blasted at our Unit in Bilston – once cleaned they looked as good as new! Here’s some Before and After pictures:      

Steel Frame

This is a small section of a steel frame used to hold a Rolls Royce engine during tests.  It needed the paint stripping away to check that the frame was still useable.  

MG A Panels

These panels were blast cleaned prior to the owner having his whole vehicle cleaned.  Upon arrival, the panels looked to require a lot of work to bring them back to their original standard (bike wheels were a temporary addition!).  We were able to blast clean and paint prime each item, leaving them ready to paint! …

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Pedal Car

This Pedal Car was in much need of a re-paint.  It’s owner dropped it off to have the old paint removed, as he was aware it would be a much quicker process than trying to sand the car down by hand!     It was certainly a first for us to work on!   

Underseal Removal

Here’s a quick ‘1/2 and 1/2’ example of the difference it makes cleaning the bottom of a car with glass media!  We really need vehicles to be on a rotisserie to complete this type of work, but will, of course, work with you to fulfil requirements!

Subaru Engine

This Subaru engine was recently cleaned using our vapour blaster.  Which half is cleaned and which half is still to be done is quite obvious!  

Generator Crankshaft

This crankshaft is from a 6 cylinder diesel generator.  It was the height of 4 steps on our staircase! Here’s the before and after pictures from it being soda blasted:

Subsea Bolt Tensioners

These Subsea Bolt Tensioners arrived looking rather well used.  Using the Vapour Blaster, we were able to clean them so well that they don’t look like they’re from the same batch!  The top row are the cleaned bolts (obviously!):

Ford Focus RS Wheels

These wheels were vapour blasted to prepare them for powder coating.  Here they are on our custom built wheel stand and then with two cleaned, compared to how they arrived: