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What is Vapour Blasting / Aqua Blasting?

Vapour blasting is an essential metal cleaning and finishing process, but how does it work? What’s involved? What can a customer expect? Let’s take a look. Vapour blasting (also called aqua blasting, slurry blasting, bead blasting, or wet abrasive blasting) is a great option for those who need engine components cleaned to an impeccable standard, …

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Carb Cleaning

Highlighting the different finishes our processes can provide.  First of all, the carb was cleaned using bicarbonate of soda and then with our water/glass slurry in the vapour blaster.

Suspension Arms

These suspension arms are from a Saab 900.  Using our recycled glass media, we were able to remove years of use in a matter of minutes!  

Mazda MX-5 Gearbox

It’s easy to forget certain parts of a car when looking at the finished product, but cleaning up items you can’t see is always worth it.  We removed years of dirt and use in a short space of time, returning this MX-5 gearbox to as good a condition as when it left the factory!   …

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Chassis Cleaning

This chassis was cleaned using our crushed glass media. This more abrasive media is perfect for removing rust and pollutants.     Once cleaned:          

Inlet Manifold

This ‘Time Attack’ Subaru inlet manifold had a very tough covering of black paint.  Using soda, we cleaned it away, ready for the owner to repaint it.    

Chevy Carbs

These Chevvy Carbs were cleaned using bicarbonate of soda.  It removed years of wear and tear, dirt and grime.  We’re able to clean carbs using soda blasting, vapour blasting, or a mixture of the two methods, depending on the finish required by the owner.