Brick & Beam Cleaning

Brick Cleaning

These pictures perfectly show how we remove paint from house bricks, using a mixture of media and water.  Surrounding the media with water dramatically reduces the amount of dust created – a much needed help in busy residential areas.

Graffiti Removal

Bicarbonate of soda is perfect to use when removing graffiti from brickwork.  This recent example needed to be removed after workers at the premises unsuccessfully tried to remove the offensive words, left on both the side of a building and a wall that enclosed their land, with paint stripper.    

Exterior Paint

The owners of this house are having a porch fitted.  They wanted the paint around their doorway removed, but the paint inside the doorway to be retained.  Our blast cleaning services were perfect for this work, as the paint could be easily and precisely lifted from the house bricks.    

Office Renovation

Following work we previously completed in line with renovation plans at a shopping centre, we were asked to return to clean and remove paintwork from offices, located on the third floor above the shops.  This meant completing the work after the shops had closed and the office workers had left for the day, which made …

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Resin bonded driveway

Soda mixed with water was the perfect way to blast clean this resin bonded driveway. Other types of cleaning would have been too abrasive and risked damaging the floor during the process. Soda’s non-destructive qualities meant that the dirt and stains could be lifted away without harming the surface.

Barn Conversion

During August, we also visited the lovely town of Chipping Campden.  All of the beams in this barn needed stripping and cleaning, as part of the process to convert the building into a family home.  Such a large area took a few days to complete, however once finished, the entire building immediately looked cleaner and …

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Office Refurbishment

With modern times, comes a modern and industrial approach to office space. In the case of the Clarks Village main offices, they required an industrial look to further enhance the designer’s vision.