Westgate Classics BMW CSL E9

Westgate Classics Westgate Classics are probably best known for their involvement in National Geographic’s Car S.O.S. TV series, however there is much more to this restoration company. They work tirelessly to make dreams come true in seriously short timescales.  They will regularly complete high-end restorations for customers within their Aldridge based premises. We have been …

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BMW 1800

This BMW travelled all the way from Australia to our premises! The owners only needed the inside of the car cleaning – including the engine bay and boot.  As you can see, even doing just this made a huge improvement to the car! Here’s how it arrived:     And once work was completed:    


This BMW E3 needed blast cleaning, but with the interior left in-transit.  This meant a long process of taping all of the doors and shuts to ensure non of our media leaked into the car – making it look so different that none of our Facebook followers were able to guess the car! Here was …

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BMW Suspension

This BMW suspension arrived looking warn out and well used.  After a clean in our blast room, it was rejuvenated and ready to fit to the car! Once cleaned: