BMW 2002 paint removal for restoration

BMW 2002

The mighty, much loved BMW 2002 is a popular feature at many classic car shows and classic races.  Steeped in racing history, the 2002 is always a popular choice for drivers competing in classic endurance races.  Originally launched in the UK back in 1966, the short wheel based German coupe proved popular, finally establishing BMW as an ‘international manufacturer’.

Removing the paint from a BMW 2002

There’s no mistaking that the BMW 2002 makes a great restoration project.  If you’re currently restoring a BMW 2002, it is definitely worth considering whether you want to completely strip away the paint from your car’s shell and panels.  Unless you remove all of the (often many) layers of paint from your BMW 2002, it’s difficult to know the true condition of the vehicle.  More often than not, these cars have led a long and interesting life, which could mean that the paint is hiding a multitude of sins – mainly corroded, rusty sections.

To work on a BMW 2002, the shell first needs to be completely taken apart – the less on the shell the better.  It is best to work on vehicles in a completely empty condition, as there’s no concern about dust getting into anywhere you don’t want it.  Also, we can’t safely work around or underneath them if there’s the additional weight of an engine or interior still inside.

Once your BMW 2002 arrives at our facility, we will check over you vehicle’s shell and panels – when necessary recording any areas of concern.  We then use a mixture of processes – soda blasting and crushed glass blasting – to strip away the paint, rust and light pieces of filler.  Thicker sections of filler are recorded and then removed (unless it’s seriously thick, in which case we’ll double check if you want it taken off first!)

Following blast cleaning, we offer a paint priming service.  We use an epoxy primer – unless you would prefer a different type of primer be applied – to coat everywhere we’ve cleaned.  This means that the metal is protected during transportation and storage.

Previous Examples

BMW 2002 – Privateer

This particular example of the brilliant BMW 2002 is undergoing extensive restoration work.  That includes changing the roof for a new one, a job on the list even before paint stripping work was completed.  The panels (including the roof) were cleaned too – sadly we don’t have pictures of these prior to work being completed).

how to remove the paint from a BMW 2002 how to strip paint from a bmw 2002

how to remove the paint from a bmw 2002 BMW 2002 engine bay

Once the paint had been stripped

As you can see, the shell is in good condition.  As is often the case, the front and rear arches require attention, as well as certain sections of the boot – but over all this was a great BMW 2002 example!

how to strip the paint from a bmw 2002 how to strip the paint from a bwm 2002

As a general rule, we do not remove seam sealer (except that which is loose) as it is still ‘doing its job’, and will simply be reapplied.  On occasion we are asked to remove this, but this particular customer was happy for it to be left in place.

stripping paint from a bmw 2002

Following cleaning work, the shell and panels were blown out and then paint primed by our in-house painter.

paint primed BMW 2002 how to remove the paint from a bmw 2002

Class 2 Racing Car

The owner of this BMW 2002 wanted all of the paint and rust removed from the car.  He needed the entire vehicle stripping back to the bare shell.  We were able to remove all of the exterior paint, interior paint, rust, filler, and – unusually – the underseal.  Work marks the beginning of the long journey to turn this 1970’s classic into a ‘Class 2’ racing car.

When the BMW arrived at our unit:

how to strip paint from a BMW 2002Stripping paint from a BMW 2002hoe to remove paint from a bmwbmw 2002 restoration project

And once work had been completed:

under seal removalhow to strip paint from a bmw 2002bmw 2002 soda blasted and media blastedhow to strip paint from a bmw 2002