How We Do It

Why choose our blast cleaning systems to work on your project?

We know that our blast cleaning services are not the only contaminent stripping systems on the market.  We also know it can be tricky to navigate which processes are best for you to choose.  Afterall, you only get one chance and you don’t want to regret a hasty decision.

You need a safe, effective, and high quality service, and we truly believe that the services offered by Soda Blasting Ltd are, quite simply, the best options out there.  We’ve spent years perfecting our systems, testing various methods and machines to find out what works and where.

What does blast cleaning mean?

Blast cleaning is essentially using compressed air to blow a chosen media at a surface to remove coatings.  There are a number of medias that can be used, including ball bearings, grit and even walnut shells.  At Soda Blasting Ltd we utilise bicarbonate of soda, crushed glass, aluminium oxide and water.  We believe these options offer by far the best finishes to items, and give you the best choices when deciding what blast cleaning process is best for you.

Blast cleaning allows us to remove oil, dirt, paint, greases and other contaminants from the surface of a variety of objects.

The process of removing surface debris is essential to the restoration process of many different items. Partly because when recoating the surface, without preparing it first, you may end up with uneven coats.  More importantly, if you decide not to remove the coatings from the item you’re working on, you can’t be sure of the true condition it’s in.

Some people use different terms for the same process, for example vapour blasting and aqua blasting are the same thing.  Shot blasting has, over time, become a general term for blast cleaning.  There is a particular method of blast cleaning – using ball bearings – that is ‘shot’ but this is a very rough and often damaging process that we do not offer.

What’s the Best Blast Cleaning Media?

Understanding the goals of any restoration project is key to being able to determine which is the best media to use.

The main processes offered by us are:

Soda Blasting

A revolutionary, eco friendly method of cleaning many different types of materials in particular, metal, brick and wood. It’s versatility means it can be used in car restoration, boat restoration and even on large brick restoration projects.

Media Blasting

Media Blasting is the process of propelling crushed glass onto a surface in order to remove the contaminants.

This is one of the most popular methods of abrasive cleaning and is used in almost every industry. It’s proven to be particularly useful for car restoration projects and in the automotive industry as a whole.

Steam Cleaning

A superheated, pressurised steam cleaning system. This system is utilised on buildings, including Grade I and Grade II Listed properties, to remove mould, mildew and pollutants from stone and brickwork.

Vapour Blasting

Vapour blasting is a less abrasive form of restoration cleaning. It uses water to clean and prepare surfaces of old items. It’s also sometimes known as aqua blasting. Due to it’s wet nature, this system cannot be used on anything that is susceptble to rust.

Why is blast cleaning important?

You need to know exactly what you’re working with.  Coatings and coverings could be hiding underlying problems.  The quality and longevity of a new surface coating, such as painting or galvanizing, is impacted by how well the surface is prepared beforehand.

Propelling abrasive materials to remove unwanted surface contamination is one of the most effective techniques for preparing a surface before it is restored.  Blast cleaning is normally a cost effective stripping option.

Is there a blast cleaning service near me?

Soda Blasting Ltd has its base in the West Midlands, making it a convenient location to travel to and from. We ask that items are brought to our premises when possible.  We regularly travel to complete work ‘on site’. The main areas we cover include

  • West Midlands – Wolverhampton, Birmingham
  • East Midlands – Nottingham, Derby, Coventry, Leicester 
  • Cotswolds Area – Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bristol, Stroud, Bath
  • Wales – North and South

Please note that vapour blasting and its associated processes are not mobile

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