Anti Foul Removal with Soda Blasting in Goole, Leeds

If you are in the process of restoring a boat, or even just a ‘spruce up’, you’ll know how important replacing the antifoul is.  If a boat is removed from the water, and allowed to dry out, the best process to remove antifoul is blast cleaning.  At a marina in Goole, we recently removed the antifoul and paint (that the owner believes was incorrectly applied by a previous owner) from this boat, to allow a specialist to take a look at the bare shell of the hull before arranging new coatings.

Anti Fouling Restoration Goole, Leed Before Anti Fouling Restoration Goole, Leeds AntiFouling Close Up Goole Leeds Anti Fouling Removal Goole Leeds

Using a surround of water around our media prevented dust blowing around the marina – this was particularly important as there were several boats moored here, but also as it was so close to the water.  Once used, the media is gathered from the ground and disposed of as general waste.

Boat Hull, Goole Leeds 20150618_150647560_iOS

The work took a few days, as the coating was thicker than the pictures appear!

About Goole Marina

Goole boat house is a marina established in 1993. It claims to be one of the best and most secure places to keep a boat in Yorkshire, this is because the only access to the pontoons on the marina is by a security gate.

The marina is situated near the River Ouse to the east of Leeds City Centre. It’s approximately 100 miles away from our base in the midlands, so it didn’t take long for our boat restoration team to reach the site.