Alvis TE21

Car manufacturer Alvis put their TE21 into production between 1963 and 1966. Just over 350 were made, with the convertible version becoming the rarer of the TE models.

We’ve not had an Alvis through our doors before, so when the London-based owner approached us to complete the first stages of his restoration, prior to the car being delivered to an Alvis specialist in Coventry, we were thrilled!

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alvis alvis te21

alvis te 21 alvis te21

Unusually, the car was delivered to us with certain items still in situe – most prominently, the engine. Whilst it isn’t ideal, as the dust from blasting work gets EVERYWHERE, it is possible to clean shells with some items still in place. The owner had covered over some of the vehicle, but as he did not need the interior of the shell cleaning, including the boot and engine bay, we spent quite some time meticulously taping these areas up!

By SBL standards, the blasting work took a long time – even without the need to clean the inner areas – using mostly bicarbonate of soda to complete work.

The owner told us that the car had been involved in a few accidents during the 30 years he’d owned it, the evidence of which you can quite clearly see on the photos – there are newly welded panels and dents on various panels. It’s always interesting to see what is hidden below a historic car’s paintwork!

alvis alvis

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As is often the case, once we’d removed all of the paintwork from this Alvis TE21, we needed to prime the panels using 2k Primer. As parts of the interior of the car were still in place, this meant removing the protective layer we had covered the gaps with, cleaning out as much of the resting dust as possible from all the nooks and crannies, and then replacing with new covers to prevent paint spraying into the wrong places!

Still, the end result was definitely worth it – the car is going into storage whilst it waits for a space to become available at the restorer’s garage, where it will be completely returned to it’s former glory!

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