MG B 1979 classic – paint removal using shot blasting

MG B paint removal

The popular MG B is definitely a sought after classic car.  The MGB was created to replace the popular MG A.  The MGA was a popular sports car, but by the 1960’s it had become outdated.  Drivers were looking for the best of both worlds – comfort and style.  MG needed to provide a car that offered driver and passenger comfort but retained a sportscar’s look and performance.

We have seen an increased number of MG cars being restored.  The shells need an effective paint removal process to expose the sturdy panels hiding underneath. This particular MG B was stripped using our crushed glass media process as it is the best option to quickly remove paint, rust, and filler.  The owner decided he would prefer the filler to be left in place, which you can see in the common areas.  MGB often suffer rust and rotting around the wheel arches, this shell is in good condition for its age with minimal filler!

MGB Shell

mgb mg b

mgb media blasting mgb media blasting

Blast cleaned MGB

paint stripped mgb media blasted mgb

mgb wheel arch filler mgb filler

mgb blast cleaned mgb