1971 Citroen DS

citroen dscar restorationcitroen dscar renovation

This Citroen DS is currently undergoing a complete restoration.  The owner, Hazi, is an avid fan of the DS and searched for a long time to find the right one.  You can read about the history of the car (which incidentally began life in Kenya and wasn’t imported into the UK until 2010!) and keep up to date with the restoration, here –


This is how the car looked shortly before arriving at our unit:

vehicle restoration

Hazi actually removed the suspension after delivering the car to us, and then re-attached it all once we’d completed the work around it!

Here’s a few photos of the DS once the blasting work was completed – unfortunately we didn’t take any of the car once we’d cleaned it, this is immediately after moving it into the main section of our unit:

soda blastingsoda blasted citroen dscitroen ds

“Dave thank you for a fantastic job of soda/shotblasting my 1971 Citroen DS chassis at your workshop. Appreciate the extra time and effort to get it exactly how I wanted it. This gives me a good base to start from and has saved me weeks of manual labour thanks again. “

H. Mistry (Nottingham)
Restoration of 1971 Citroen DS