Soda blasting is widely recognised as the best method of cleaning, degreasing and paint stripping in the automotive industry.  Bicarbonate of soda is much less abrasive than other blast cleaning options, such as sand or grit.  Its ‘non-destructive’ qualities mean that once it reaches the base material (including alloy, aluminum and steel) it will cease to strip layers or cause any damage.  Further to this, unlike other products, soda blasting does not create any heat, so there is no risk of panels becoming distorted or warped during the process.

We are pleased to be able to offer both in-house services, at our premises in Wolverhampton, or we can arrange with you to complete work on site using our fully mobile blast cleaning equipment.

Below are a few examples of previous work completed – keep an eye on our ‘Latest Work’ section for new projects undertaken.

Paint Removal – We are able to remove paint from vehicles using both bicarbonate of soda or glass media – call or email us for further information.  Here are a few examples of previous works completed:

ps13 before ps13 after atlantic beforeatlantic after

Alloy Wheels – Soda blasting and vapour blasting are normally used to prepare wheels for powder coating, these alloys were cleaned in our vapour blaster – using our specially designed holder:


Engine Cleaning –  this Land Rover Discovery engine was blast cleaned as part of a full restoration process. Upon arrival, the engine looked to be in poor condition:

Land Rover engine - before engine parts - before

Once the blasting process had been completed:

Land Rover engine - afterengine parts - after

Underseal Removal – not only are we able to remove multiple layers of paint from interior and exterior bodywork but, using either ramps or our vehicle rotisserie, we can also reach the underneath of a vehicle to remove the underseal.

Please note that bicarbonate of soda is not abrasive enough to remove underseal, therefore glass media will always be used – any quotations given will be with the use of glass media:


VW Transporter - before after


You can find further examples of our work here.

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