What does Blast Cleaning mean?

Blast cleaning allows us to remove oil, dirt, paint, greases and other contaminants from the surface of metal or non-abrasive objects.


It is essentially a means of cleaning by blowing an abrasive media against it using compressed air to pneumatically propel the shot. The process is sometimes also known as air blasting.


The process of removing surface debris is essential to the restoration process of many different items. Partly because when recoating the surface, without preparing it first, you will end up with uneven coats


Shot blasting is one of the most popular, mechanical methods of abrasive cleaning and is used in almost every industry. It’s proven to be particularly useful for car restoration projects and in the automotive industry as a whole whole.


Blast media can be used in different sizes, depending on the desired finish. For example, using smaller shots allows us to create a much smoother and polished result. Wheras larger media will perform better in removing excess materials from the surface.


What’s the Best Blast Cleaning Media?

Understanding the goals of any restoration project is key to being able to determine which is the best media to use.

What can also be confusing is that some people use have different terms for the same media, for example vapour balsting and aqa blasting are the same thing.


At soda blasting Ltd we offer multiple options that allow us to shot blst any surface. whether you’re restoring part of a structure or simply refurbishing smaller items. The versatility of blast media

Soda Blasting

A revolutionary, eco friendly method of cleaning many different types of materials in particular, metal, brick and wood. It’s versatility means it can be used in car restoration, boat restoration and even on large brick restoration projects.


Media Blasting

Media Blasting is the process of propelling crushed glass beads onto the surface in order to remove the contaminants. Also known as glass bead blasting.


Vapour Blasting

Vapour blasitng is a less abrasive form of restoration cleaning. It uses water (or aqua) to clean and prepare surfaces of old items. It’s also known as wet blasting by many in the industry. Due to it’s wet nature, this method cannot be used on anything that is susceptble to rust.


Why is blast cleaning important?


The quality and longevity of a new surface coating, such as galvanising or painting is drastically impacted by how well the surface is prepared beforehand. The reason the new coat lasts longer is because a fresh surface will allow the also


Propelling abrasive materials to remove unwanted surface contamination is one of the most effective and often cheapest technique for prepaing a surface before it is restored.


There are multiple benefits of, which include:

  • Eliminating the need to use non-eco friendly and harsh chemicals that destroy the environment or the surface you’re trying to restore
  • Increasing longevity and durability of new protective surface coats such as primer and paint.
  • It cleans AND polishes the surface so you are left with a like-new item that’s ready to be finished to your desired qality.
  • The abrasive products are 100% recyclable



Is there a blast cleaning service near me?

Soda Blasting Ltd has its base in the West Midlands but is fully flexible in where we can deliver our services. The main areas we cover are the

  • Midlands – Sheffield, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Birmingham
  • North West – Manchester, Liverpool, Chester
  • North East – Leeds, Middlesborough, Newcastle, Sunderland
  • Wales
  • Scotland.

Our experience is second to none, so if you really do want the best in the industry, please get in touch here to find out if we can come to you.